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8 Burmese cheated by a local then arrested


Cox’sbazar October 6, 2004: 8 Burmese Muslims working illegally in a southern district of Bangladesh were caught and handed over to the police on September 27 when they were falsely identified as robbers by the local villagers, according to regional sources.


The Burmese detainees, which were illegal immigrants to Bangladesh, were working together with a local man named Habibullah in Khutakhali Village in the Cox’s Bazar District where they earned 4000/-Taka altogether from their hard job. The local cheated them out of their earnings and ran away to his village Gazaria, which is in the same district.


The Burmese angry with the dishonest act, chased after him to get their earned wages. Habibullah was, however, able to organize his relatives and other villagers to capture and send the Burmese to the Gazaria Police Camp, where they misidentified them as robbers.


According to the local source, they are now kept in police custody and how the authorities will deal with them is not known yet. The Burmese Muslims arrested in Gazaria Police Camp are; Solid Mullah (40), Hossian Ali (28), Soyat Hossian (22), Abul Kasam (25), Shamsul Alam (30), Hamid Hossian (25), Abul Sidiq (30) and Mohamad Salim (25) respectively.


There are many Burmese citizens taking shelter, mostly in the southern districts, in Bangladesh, who fled their homeland due to the human rights violations and scarcity of jobs under the SPDC military government.#



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