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Arakan League for Democracy, Bangladesh Branch reorganised



Dhaka, November 7: The Bangladesh branch of Arakan League for Democracy (In Exile) is being re-organised according to the ALD’s statement issued on the November 6.


This reorganisation of the Bangladesh Branch occurred on November third and fourth, in Dhaka, Bangladesh. The statement said this reorganisation is to make the Bangladesh Branch to be a more solid and united party unit and to be able to implement the party policies more effectively.


The assistant-secretary of the ALD Bangladesh Ko Naing Naing commented that the “political situation in Burma is at a cross roads. There are increasing numbers of human rights violations. In this changing political climate, in order to implement the ALD’s policies and in order to fight against human rights violations in Arakan State, Bangladesh is a crucial region for us to be able to work effectively. That is why we try to strengthen our Bangladesh branch.


ALD won the most seats in Arakan state during the 1990 General Election and is an active ally of the National League for Democracy. Currently, members of the ALD are being harshly suppressed by the military junta and they are being unable to undertake any political activities in Arakan state. Hence, many members flee from Burma and form new branches around the world.


Ko Naing Naing continued, “We are under constant surveillance from the military intelligence. They try to destroy our members’ livelihoods. They tried to stop us from engaging in political activism. Lately, two of the ALD’s members from Mrauk Oo, one named U Khin Maung Gyi, were arrested without a strong reason. That is why many of us flee to another country. We have branches in Japan, Australia, Malaysia, America, Thailand, India, EU countries and Bangladesh.”


This newly reorganised Bangladesh branch was reinforced by activists some of who were activists in student movements. U Ani Maung is the President of the Bangladesh branch, while a former student leader Ko Khaing San Aung is the secretary and Ko Naing Naing is the assistant secretary. The Bangladesh branch consists of 11 committee members.



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