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Nine Arakanese monks arrested for agitating the Municipal authority

Akyab, November 10:  Nine Arakanese monks from Akyab, capital of the Arakan state have been detained by the local authority.  They are in the danger being imprisoned for many years.

The nine monks are from Ka Yu Khaung monastery, which is located in front of the State High School No. 3, Akyab.  On October 18th, the monks got into a brawl with the Akyab city municipal staff members.

A senior monk who is a member of the Arakan State sangha nayaka (the governing body of the order of monks) confirmed the news of the arrest and told Narinjara that senior monks from Akyab are trying to negotiate the release of the monks.

A lay person who attended the Ka Yu Khaung monastery recounted the genesis of the problem, “The Akyab Municipal authority impounded the trishaw which was on its way to collect food for the monks of the monastery.  The monks went to the Municipal office to complain about the impoundment.  When the trishaw was not released, there was a small brawl between the monks and the Municipal staff members there.”

In order to get more details on the present conditions of the monks as well as personal details, Narinjara tried to contact the Abbot U Sein Daa, but have not been successful so far.

The monk who was the leader of the agitating group was in the solitary confinement in the Akyab prison, and there are some rumours that he has received a long prison sentence.

The Akyab Municipal officers normally impound trishaws and demand bribes from them, in order to be released.  In this case, the brawl started due to the demand of a bribe from the monk for their “food trishaws”, said the source. #

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