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A millionaire Nasaka officer arrested in
Arakan State

Maung Daw, Nov 12: A millionaire Nasaka officer on November 6 was arrested in Maung Daw, a northern Burma-Bangledeshi border town.

Aung Zaya, a sergeant, was arrested by military personnel in the (3) Mile gate Nasaka check-point of Maung Daw, where he worked as a monitor and was in-charge.

According to a police officer, the authorities seized 30 million Kyat and 47 gold bars from him and his interrogation continues.

He has a number of joint businesses in the area with local businessman and the authorities are currently looking for them, said a source.

A businessman from Buthidaung said that the authority has been seizing properties belonging to intelligence and other Nasaka officials since Oct 31. So far, authorities have seized shrimp farms, hotels, funds, as well as cars and motorbikes owned by intelligent unites.

"All businessmen in the area are anxious about the present situation because all businessmen were cooperating with local intelligent officials. In the previous time, anyone could not do anything about his or her business without intelligent permission and cooperation," he said.

Now Aung Zaya is in the Buthidaung jail, where about 20 intelligent officials who were recently arrested by authorities were moved from Rangoon, according to a reliable source. #

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