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Committees are formed to investigate the Military Intelligence

Akyab, Nov 15:Officials from the Western Command of the Burmese military Junta are organising themselves into ad hoc committees to detain the Military Intelligence and to confiscate the MIís business interests and economic ventures. 


These committees were formed in Pon Nar Gyaun and its surrounding townships.The Western Command covers the Arakan State.


The ad hoc committees to probe into the MIís business activities comprise of officials from the Military, Police, and other Bureaucratic organs.


Pon Nar Gyan ad hoc committee is headed by Lieutenant Colonel Aung Thein of the Army, and it consists of U Aung Kyaw Moe, the Secretary of the Township Peace and Development Council, and the Police Chief Nyan Win and four other senior bureaucrats.


During the last week, the committee detained Sargent Soe Win of the Military Intelligence Division and confiscated a paddy field, a rice mill and other properties owned by him. According to a bureaucrat from the statistics department who wants to remain anonymous, 75 acres of paddy field, a rice mill from Yoe Ta Rouat village, a motorcycle registration number SaTa 4021, which are owned by Soe Win were confiscated and the committees is probing for more.

The 75 acres of paddy fields were confiscated from the public and some are litigated lands between relatives. Soe Win illegally attained these lands from the ordinary people by using his power as the Military Intelligence agent.

In the Arakan state, not only does the military intelligence use their powers for their own private benefits, but also other military officials do to. The local people are very keen to find out whether these officers will have to face the music of this anti-corruption probe or not, said a private teacher. #


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