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A forced-laboured woman narrowly escaped the rape from a soldier, the brother hacked the soldier



Dhaka, Nov 24: A woman who is working at the forced labour camp in Kyauk Phyu Township narrowly escaped rape from a SPDC soldier. The brother of the woman attacked the soldier with a machete and the soldier badly wounded in both arms according to a statement of Arakan League for Democracy (Bangladesh Branch) dated November 16.


The statement says “On November 7th, Ma Ae Khaing Sein from Nann Mae Village, Kan Tee Village Collective, Kyauk Phyu Township been attempted to be raped by Sergent Myo Aung of the Light Infantry Battalion (34). This incident occurred at a forced labour camp of Rangoon-Ann-Kyauk Phyu highway. Ma Ae Khaing Sein escaped the rape, but her brother was enraged by the rape attempt and attacked the Sergent. The Sergent was badly wounded on both arms.”


The Joint Secretary of the ALD (Bangladesh Branch), Ko Naing Naing, explains to Narinjara that “in Arakan state people are not just being victims of forced labour. Arakanese women are under the threat from rapes and assaults. There is no one to investigate and charge these abuses. There is no one who will raise voice against these abuses on behalf of Arakanese people. We need to make these abuses known to the world, and that is why we issue this statement.”


Ko Naing Naing also explains that the local military authority continues the forced labour. In Kyauk Phy Township, Kan Tee, Ownn Taw, Anee Maw, Mourn Byan, Zorn Khaung and Lae Daung Village collectives fall into the areas surrounding the road project and 500 villagers from these Villages were forced to partake in building the Rangoon-Ann-Kyauk Phyu Highway. The road is to build across the seas and mashes, it was provisioned to finish October 25, but this is unable to finish by the deadline. Hence the local authority gets the local villagers to work for the project to finish by the end of November.


Arakan League for Democracy (ALD) demands to stop the forced labour immediately and to compensate to the family whose members died during the forced labour. #



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