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Arakan’s Border Security Chief accused of being involved in heroine traffic



Maungdaw, Nov 25: The Acting Chief of the Burmese Border Security forces, or Nasaka, from Maung Daw has been charged with involvement in heroine traffic on November 13, said a police officer but he denied to disclose his name.


Lieutenant Colonel Myint Oo was detained at the base of the Light Infantry Division (233) at Buthi Daung Township, and the Chief of Arakan Police Nyo Win is heading the investigation on the Lt. Col’s involvement.


“He was accused of having connection with the heroine deals. He was believed to be involved in exporting drug to Bangladesh via Maung Daw,” continues the same police officer. 


Two months ago, two senior members of the United Wa State Army (UWSA) visited Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh, under the guise of having business deals with the Samsung Company. Nasaka Chief Myint Oo helped the two for the visit. There had been rumour in the Nasaka and Military Intelligence community that the two UWSA members stayed at a Hotel in Cox’s Bazar and discussed with local partners of Bangladesh for dealing of heroine to abroad through Bangladesh.


The present charge and investigation could be related to this rumour. A Business person from Maung Daw said there could be other business deals that Myint Oo involves with UWSA and local smugglers.


There are four cigarette distribution firms and a restaurant owned and operated by the UWSA and Kokant. A local business from Akyab says these business firms could be the cover for the heroine distribution to the neighbouring country.


Since the purge of the Prime Minister Khin Nyunt, Arakan State Military Intelligence and Nasaka officials were interrogated for their involvements in Business deals.


Major San Aung—in charge of Nasaka area No (9) from Taung Bazar Nasaka base in Buthi Daung, Major Tun Tun Oo—in-charge of Nasaka area No (7), a Major from the LIB (232), totalled of seven senior officers were interrogated by the Buthi Daung Military Operation Planing Command.


Myint Oo is the highest official out of all the Military Intelligence and the Nasaka officialdom who are being detained and purged. #



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