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Bangladeshi security Forces seize another weapons cache


Dhaka, Nov 25: Bangladesh Rifle (BDR) yesterday seized another huge arms cache from a bordering hill district of Bandaban , a day after the seizure of a huge cache of arms and ammunition from the same district, said an official report.


The seizure of weapons are two 60mm and two 2-inch mortar, three British made LMGs and its 49 magazines, 32 magazines of self-loading rifles (SLR), 11 magazines of AK 47assault rifle, and 2,000 bullets of British-made LMG.


The weapons were found a bank of pond at hilly Jarullachhari under the Naikhongchari Township of Bandarban near Burma border. 


The reliable sources said the seized arms and ammunitions were reportedly possessed by the Muslim insurgents groups from bordering Arakan of Burma and there were two Muslim groups in active of this southern hill district of Bangladesh.


On Tuesday, before a day of this incident, BDR seized seven AK-47, two M-16, one rocket launcher, one point 22 bore rifle, two 12-bore shotguns, two air rifles and a huge amount of ammunitions from the same Township.


In the last a few months Bangladeshi forces seized over 100 sophisticated weapons and several ammunitions and explosives including anti-tank mine, grenades, rocket launchers, powerful booms, machineguns and various chemical from the frontier area closed to a bordering western town Maungdaw of Burma. # 



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