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Business premises built for the workers’ welfare demolished in Akyab


Akyab, Nov 30: Business premises that were built for the welfares of the employees of the government are now being demolished by the local authority who claims that these premises are violating government policy guidelines.  These premises were already rented out to private businesses at a high price.


“The local authority demolished the shop premises that we rent from the Electrical Power Corporation paid by 1.2 million kyats as deposit for a shop. They are not going to refund the money we have already paid. We lost a lot here,” said a victim who lost her shop in the demolition.


The people lost their deposits as well as large sums they contributed to building the premises. At the same time, they also lost their businesses.


The victim continued, “Government policy is always changing, and it is really hard to know what their policy is. It was the local authority that made the government employees set up these premises for their welfares.  Now they are the ones who destroy these premises saying that it is in accord with the policy.  At the end of the day, it is the ordinary people who suffer from this.”


The Arakan State Electrical Power Corporation built shops in front of their Akyab office to benefit the employee’s welfares and have been renting the premises out since 2000.  The demolition of the shops comes about after the abolition of the fund collecting for government employees.


“We don’t know what is going to happen. We paid three million kyats for a shop each for deposit. Because of the rumours of demolition all the premises that have been built, those who are concerned are really anxious now,” said a businessperson who rented a shop at the Police Headquarters of Akyab.


In Akyab, there are 30 shops for university staff, 45 shops at the No. 1 Police Station, 7 for Myanmar Air, 4 for Post and Communication, 12 for the Waving School staff members, which are said to be in danger of demolition. #



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