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6 people, including 5 Italians, died when their boat sank in Arakan State


Akyab, November 30: 6 people, including 5 Italians,died when their boat sank in Arakan State in western Burma, on Sunday, according to an Akyab resident.


Included among the deceased were three females and two males from Italy, as well as a tourist guide from a travel agency in Akyab, the capital of Arakan state.


The Akyab resident said that five boats were bound to Mrauk Oo,an ancient Arakan city, from Akyab, or Sittwe. Three boats suddenly sank as a result of strong winds near Pyaday village, 5 miles west of Mrauk Oo. The other two boats escaped the tragic accident.


Other Akyab residents informed Narinjara that local people and fishing boats rescued a number of travelers in the water, but six people disappeared in the heavy waves.


The bodies of the Italian citizens were found in a nearby river yesterday and today the bodies were brought by plane to Rangoon from Akyab by Italian authorities.


"We have not received any detailed information from that area but there are rumors that some local crewmen are still missing. I still don't know how many people were missing in the accident," said a hotel owner from Akyab.


Whenever accidents occur in Burma, the government rarely discloses real facts. In May, a cyclone attack in Arakan state left over one thousand people dead, but the government claimed that only about 200 people were killed.


It is believed that this is the first time a foreigner has died in Arakan state since Burma's central government began allowing foreigners to visit restricted areas of Arakan state a few years ago. #


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