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Cash confiscated from the father-in-law of purged Nasaka official



Maung Daw, December 10: The local military authority confiscated money and gold from the father-in-law of Sargent Aung Zaya, who was in charge of the Nasaka, or the Burmese Border Security, check-point 3 at Maung Daw township, Arakan state.


U Pyone Win, the father-in-law, lives on Tawa Road, Pone Nar Zu Quarter, Pegu, 50 miles east of Rangoon, and he works at Hanthawadi Golf Course. “His employee number is 1197,” said a lawyer quoted a police officer from Maung Daw.


15 million kyats in cash and 37 kyats of gold were concealed at Lae Kyon Aung Mae monastery at Pegu.


The police officer said “the authority is also investigating those who have business relations with Aung Zaya.”


From U Hla Khaing from Lae Mine, 6th Quarter of Maungdaw, who borrowed money with interest from Aung Zaeya, 16.4 million kyats were confiscated.


At the same time, 3.7 millions kyats received from Etarlone, Myothagree, Hngakhung, Batagone villages on abusing his power against one villager over another.


Kan Bow Za bank was also investigated for money transitions of Aung Zaya.


Aung Zaya worked under Nasaka’s Colonel Aung Ngwe and the Military Intelligence (3), and was also in charge of Gate 3 at Maung Daw and possessed a large amount of cash obtained illegally. #



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