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36 Burmese insurgents detained at Port Blair face the danger of being deported to



Dhaka, Dec 15: 36 Burmese nationals who have been under detention for more than six years without any sentences face the grim danger of being deported to Burma.


A detainee says, “The police has taken our names and address in Burma. We had given these details before, and it is a bit strange collecting such information again. Usually, such information is collected before deportation to Burma, we are very concerned about this.”


The details of the detainees are collected on 8th December upon the return from the court appointment.


During the court hearing of the day, the Judge commented that the detainees should be released.


After the release from the detention, the Indian central authority can transfer the Burmese nationals can be transferred to local authority of Port Blair, the juge said.


Normally, when India releases detainees from other nationals, they are transferred to the hands of the local authority who in turn sends them to their countries of citizenship.


Human Rights organisations were concerned that these 36 Burmese nationals are members of Arakanese and Karen insurgent groups, and the military junta would definitely jail most members and execute leaders.


The lawyer of the detainees says that the United Nation High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) India Office was willing to help these nationals but due to the pressure from the Indian government, its help is short in coming.


The next court hearing is on January 28, 2005, and the Supreme Court orders the authority of Andaman and Nicober and the Central Bureau of Intelligence (CBI) to file their case within four weeks.


The court hearing will be 15 days after that date.


These 36 insurgents and other six leaders came to Land Fall Island to build a navy base under the agreement from the Indian Navy, but the six leaders were assassinated by the Indian Army and the 36 persons were detained without any sentences. #

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