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ALD demands a genuine statehood for Arakan State



Dhaka: December 15:  The Arakan League for Democracy (in Exile) today issued a statement for Arakan State Day.


The statement proclaimed that even though Arakan was granted statehood in 1974, its essence and characteristics are not that of a genuine state. 


All three the characteristics of political powers, namely judicial, legislative and executive have always been under the strong control of the central government. 


The Arakanese have no say in the affairs of their State, and all of their rights are being violated under a fake federalism, which have been practiced by successive central governments since independence in 1948.


The Arakanese joined actively in the Burmese independence struggles with the Burmans against the Japanese and British colonial rulers. 


However, after independence, the Arakanese were not even given a State status but regarded as a part of Burma Proper. Historically, Arakan has been an independent kingdom; and the Arakanese have been an independent people for many millennia.


The current military junta have treated the Arakanese like a slave colony through means such as forced labour, forced relocation, and forced confiscation of the Arakanese ancestral land. 


The statement also expressed the fear of forced labour and forced relocation that will result from the project of natural gas pipeline export to India.  The junta is planning to sell natural gas from Arakan to India, but not letting the Arakanese use their own natural resources or to receive benefits from them.


Statehood granted on 15th December 1974 by the then BSPP government of Ne Win is not a genuine statehood, but a public relation exercise to legitimise its illegal rule. 


The statement also urged Arakanese and other nationalities of Burma to struggle against the current junta since the genuine statehood and federalism can only be achieved in a democracy ridden of the ultra-nationalist junta.


The Arakan League for Democracy won 11 Parliamentary seats during the 1990 election, and it is also the third wining political party of that election. #




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