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Arakanese dies while fleeing from Malaysian Police



Dhaka, Dec 21: An Arakanese working in Malaysia without a valid working permit had a fatal car accident while fleeing from the Malaysian police last week.


The victim (age 40) was from Kyauk Taw in Arakan, the western state of Burma


He worked in Taipai, in the Parak state of Malaysia. He tried to flee away from the sight of police, but was hit by a truck.


According to a member of the Malaysian Arakanese Welfare Organisation, five family members and close friends attended the funeral on Friday, the 17th of December.  The funeral was organised by the police.


Another Arakanese Ko Ba Khaing yesterday said, “Only a few people can attend the funeral. We did the donation ritual today. We all are saddened by his departure.”


Due to Malaysia’s recent aggressive policies towards the workers without permits, some foreigners returned to their countries but many stay behind hiding in the jungle, while some Burmese have stocked up their flat with necessities and imprisoned themselves from the fear of being arrested. 


It is hard to estimate the number of Burmese migrant workers without visas living in Malaysia, but Ko Ba Khaing estimates that there are between 10,000 and 20,000 Arakanese from Burma. #




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