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Nasaka headquarters raided by Army personnel in Arakan

Maungdaw, Dec23: The border security force of the Nasaka headquarters, located in the west border town Maungdaw, was raided by a column of the Burmese army and a number of Nasaka officers were arrested on December 21, said a witness living near the headquarters.

The raid was led by two commanders from Buthidaung Station, including over 100 soldiers from Light Infantry Battalion No. 345, and was acting under the Military Planning Bureau No. 15's order.

There was no report of the number of Nasaka officials that were arrested and the reasons for their detention is still unclear.

A source said that the Commander in Chief of Nasaka, Let-Col Aung Ngwe, was one of the arrestees and that he was taken to an army station of Buthidaung soon after he was arrested.

Aung Ngwe had just returned to the headquarters to resume his duties, on December 6, from a military training for the senior army personnel named at the Military Defence University of Burma.

It was reported that before the raid, the Military Planning Bureau summoned the Nasaka zone commanders to gather in the Nasaka headquarters, in order to give some important information to them.

A local resident said it is a little early to say what exactly happened in the Nasaka headquarters, hoping to confirm it within the next few days.

The acting Nasaka Commander Let-Col Myint Oo is currently under interrogation due to his involvement in drug trafficking to a neighboring country.

Nasaka is a combined force formed by several government organizations including the Army, Police, Riot police, Customs, the Immigration Department and the Intelligent Unit for the supervision and preservation on border area. #

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