Per Kind favour of United Nations Office Yangon Myanmar.


United Nationalities' League for Democracy (U.N.L.D)

(Hqrs.) No.8, Shinsawpu Pagoda Road,

Sanchaung Township, Yangon.

Phones:- 01-510541/01-510764.


Dated the 30th. September, 2003.



     H.E.Mr. Razali Ismail,

     U.N.Special Envoy to Myanmar,

     (Camp) Yangon, Myanmar.


Your Excellency,


            On this auspicious occasion of your eleventh visit Myanmar, we would like to submit, attached, a copy of our recent declaration dated the 29th, with the title of " Five attitudes and 'Political Road Map' submitted by the United Nationalities' League for Democracy (U.N.L.D) on recent political events prevailing in Myanmar."

            In this regard, please allow us to take your attention, to the subject of Political Road Maps mentioned in our declaration. The first Road Map is the one drawn up by the Military Government, which we have pointed out vividly that it is just a trap leading the present Military Regime from de facto status to a de jure one and finally evolving to a permanent standing. The second Road Map. which is ours, is based upon plans to forget and forgive the past misunderstandings and to move forward in the direction of building a true democratic in Myanmar.

            Up to the point of break down in 1996, the groundwork for their plan was already laid out and S.P.D.C's present Road Map clearly says that it is a continuation of the previous Convention suspended in 1996. So it is clear that theirs is just a final attempt to make finishing touches for their original plan of building a permanent Military Regime in Myanmar.

            It is understood that the world community is anxious to know two points, e.g. (1) What role will Daw Aung San Suu Kyi play in their forthcoming convention and (2) Time frame.

            Our anticipated answer is that (1) Daw Aung San Suu Kyi's role will be very little untill and unless the whole set-up and plan is revised as suggested by our own plan, and (2) So long as their original plan is not revised satisfactorily, time frame is totally irrelevant. Therefore the real problem is whether the S.P.D.C will change their attitude or not. We are of the opinion that they are just playing for more time and that the United Nations and the international community are still in their web without any way out.

            We hope that we will be lucky enough to get full understanding from you and the United Nations through your good offices, and we will be able to get out of this terrible mess and regain our democratic status not in a far distant future. We have to rely on the understanding and help from the U.N and international community, as we all are mercilessly oppressed. We have suffered for about four decades and it is quite long enough to get out of this trouble, perhaps with help from you all.


            Hoping a kind and favourable response.


Yours most obediently,




(Shwe Ohn)

Member of Panal of Chairmen,

United Nationalities' League for Democracy


Copy of the above is fowarded to,

            All Embassies in Yangon, with a request to give a helping hand for our struggle of liberation.