Wa sets conditions for junta convention

A "tripartite" meeting held in Panghsang, 13-15 October, agreed on a 5-point position as a prerequisite for the upcoming "National Convention" to be summoned by Rangoon, according to a joint statement that was received by S.H.A.N. this morning (19 October).

The 5 conditions jointly set by Mongla, Shan and Wa representatives are as follows:

  • Freedom of meeting among leaders of ethnic nationalities prior to the convening of the National Convention
  • Delegates to the National Convention to be chosen freely by each nationalities concerned
  • The National Convention must be all inclusive and participated by "proper" delegates
  • Freedom of discussion and freedom of activities during the National Convention
  • To lay down democratic principles in order to establish a modern and developed new democratic state

"The National Convention being deemed as central to the resolution of our internal problems, we have agreed to send delegates to attend it if we are invited under the principles of Adherence to democratic norms, Equality and Coordination," it adds.

The "tripartite meeting" was declared "a success" by the three groups.

The meeting was invited by Bao Youxiang, President of the "Special Region No.2 Government" and attended by the following delegates:

Special Region No.2 (United Wa State Army)

  • Bao Youxiang (President)
  • Li Ziru (Vice President)
  • Shao Minliang (Vice President)
  • Bo Laikham (Commander-in-chief)
  • Ai Lon (Chief-of-staff)
  • Zhao Wenguang (Agriculture, Irrigation and Forestry)
  • Chen Longseng (Central Office)
  • Ying Hsinbing (Political Department)
  • Zhao Ainub (External Affairs Department)

Special Region No.3 (Shan State Army "North")

  • Maj Gen Hsoten Patron
  • Maj Gen Loimao President
  • Col Yabi (General Secretary)
  • Col Sai Du (Alliance Affairs)
  • Col Pangfah (Chief of Staff)

Special Region No.4 (National Democratic Alliance Army - Eastern Shan State)

  • Hsanglu (Chairman, Military and Local Administrative Committee)
  • Min Ein (Secretary, Military and Local Administrative Committee)
  • Htun Naing (Chairman, Local Administrative Committee)