Photos of Forced Relocation

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Photos # B28, B29:  On January 18th 2002, DKBA soldiers of DKBA #999 Brigade burned down houses and and destroyed the villagers paddy in Day Law Pya village, Paan District.  [Photo: KHRG researcher] 
Photos #B36, B37:  On February 15th 2002 at 2 p.m., SPDC troops of LIB #361 came to this internally displaced villager hiding site in Nyaunglebin District and burned down the houses of Saw M, Saw P- and other villagers.  The ashes of their houses can be seen in the centre of Photo #B36.  In Photo #B37, Saw M- looks through the remains of his burned house to see if there is anything that might be salvageable.  [Photos: KHRG researcher] 


Photos # B39, B41:  The remains of houses in Kheh Pa Hta village, western Papun District after SPDC troops razed it in March  2002.  [Photos: KHRG researcher] 

Photos #B44, B45:  The remains of houses in Kho Kay village after SPDC soldiers burned it on May 8th 2002.  The soldiers also burned the paddy barns and destroyed whatever possessions they found hidden in the forest around the village.  The village was an internally displaced villager hiding site which had become like a village because the villagers had been able to live there with a degree of stability for some time.  Although the houses were built in clusters within site of each other and not next to each other, the soldiers went around and burned all of them except for one small hut (Photo #B45).  [Photos: KHRG researcher] 

Photos #B50, B51: 

A Wa Baw Kee villager looks through the remains of his house in eastern Papun District to salvage anything useful after SPDC troops from LIB #341 burned the village on February 26th 2002. 

[Photos: KHRG researcher] 

Photo #B52:  Saw B- sits in the ashes of his house in Paw Hta village, eastern Papun District, in early 2002.  He had come back with his family to see what had happened to their house and whether they could salvage anything.  [Photo: KHRG researcher] 

Photo #D66:  During fighting in the yyyy area of Paan District on April 8th 2002, SPDC mortar rounds fell in the yyyy monastery grounds wounding this monk.  This photo was taken on April 17th 2002. [Photo: KHRG researcher] 

Photo #I26:  Naw S- looks for any paddy that may be saved after SPDC soldiers burned down her paddy barn in M- village in Papun District in 2002.  There were 50 baskets [1,250 kgs. / 2,750 lbs.] of paddy in the barn.  [Photo: KHRG researcher]

Photo #B71:  The monastery in xxxx  village where villagers had been keeping their belongings to keep them safe from looting SPDC soldiers.  However, SPDC soldiers from Column #2 of Ya Ta Ma #102 under column commander Aung Kyaw Moe and column second in command Win Naing came to the village on March 4th 2002 and took everything in the monastery after first searching all of the houses.   [Photo: KHRG researcher] 

Photos #B72, B73:  Villagers look through their chests for anything that remains after SPDC soldiers looted and burned possessions that they had hidden in a hut in Papun District.  [Photos: KHRG researcher] 
Photo #E65:  Villagers from T- village in eastern Papun District rest on their way to the xxxx River in January 2002.  They no longer stay in their village since the SPDC burned down the village and the paddy barns and destroyed all of their belongings in December 2001.  They have nothing left to eat.  [Photo: KHRG researcher]
Photo #E66:  Naw H-, 32 years old, weaves thatch roofing for her new hut in the forest.  She is a hill field farmer from K- village in Papun District.  On January 31st 2002, LIB #11 entered her village and the villagers fled in fear into the forest.  [Photo: KHRG researcher]

Photo #E64:  Children from D- village in eastern Papun District who were forced to flee with their parents when SPDC soldiers came to relocate and burn their village in late December 2001.  Their parents told KHRG they would rather flee with their children into the forest than live in an SPDC relocation site, where they know that people find it difficult to provide for their children due to the heavy demands for forced labour and fees. This photo was taken a month later in January 2002.  [Photo: KHRG researcher]

Photos #E67, E68:  Saw M (Photo #E67), 62 years old, is a hill field farmer from N- village.  Ma K (Photo #E68) is a 41 year old hill farmer from L village.  On February 3rd 2002, LIB #119 began operating in the area of their two villages.  All of the villagers fled in fear that the soldiers would come to their villages and are now living in the forest.  [Photo: KHRG researcher]
Photos #E84, E85:  T- villagers in their new shelters in the forest after SPDC soldiers burned the huts in their old hiding place.  In Photo #E84 they are weaving thatch for a new roof.  Villagers in Photo #E85 have built platforms but have yet to build roofs.  These photos were taken in April 2002.  [Photos: KHRG researcher]
Photos #E94, E95:  Villagers from N- village, Papun District, who fled their village on January 28th 2002 when SPDC troops from LIB #326 at M- Army camp came and opened fire on their village.  [Photos: KHRG researcher]

Photos #E98, E99:  Villagers from K- village in eastern Papun District near the Salween River border with Thailand were forced to flee their village on May 8th 2002.  SPDC troops of IB #8 and LIB #104, LID #44 and IB #19 and LIB #434 of the Southeastern Command came to the village, looted it and ate or killed the pigs and chickens and then burned the houses and rice barns.  These photos were taken on May 11th 2002 after the villagers had crossed the Salween River and built small temporary shelters for themselves on the Thai side of the border.  Photo #E98 shows a meeting held by the villagers to discuss what they would do next; try to return and rebuild the village or try to go to a refugee camp in Thailand.  [Photos: KHRG researcher]

Ph7, Ph9 The condition of the church from Hti-pa-ne village in Kya-in-seik-kyi township after it was burned down by the troops of Lt. Commander Min Din of Column (2), LIB (301).
ph1 Saw Te Htoos house at Hti-pa-ne village was burned down.