Photos of Internally Displaced Persons

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Photos #E18, E19:  Internally displaced villagers who recently fled their villages to the xxxx area in Papun District.  Note the number of small children and elderly among the villagers.  Both the children and elderly are more easily susceptible to diseases and life on the run in the forest is very difficult for them.  [Photos: KHRG researcher]
Photo #E145:  Naw B--- is in the Second Standard (Second Grade) at a school for internally displaced children in Papun District.  She told KHRG researchers that she does not want to learn in the jungle anymore.  [Photo: KHRG researcher]

Photo #E141:  The students and school teacher of H--- village, Papun District, who were forced to flee into the mountains when they received word of the approach of SPDC troops.  They have made a new school at an internally displaced villager hiding place in the forest.  [Photo: KHRG researcher]
Photo:# H 10 - On 14th February 2003, the internally displaced people from Yei-mu-plaw and Ku-law-hta village who were forced relocated to Eu-da village. When the SPDC burned down the Eu-da village they were crossing to Thai side for seeking their settlement. (Source: KIC)