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The Flower News Vol. 2, No. 17 (May 3-9)

The Flower News Vol. 2, No. 16 (April 26-May 2)

 ·         Private sector will enable to continue the operation of the road toll collection in this fiscal year. (April 21 news)

·         Current gold price fluctuation has made the sale dull even though last year’s sale in similar period was promising due to the various ceremonies. (April 21 news)    

·         Five out of six time bombs exploded in Rangoons downtown area on April 20 and the authorities detonated an unexploded bomb. (April 20 news)

·         The Minister for Rail Transportation, Maj-Gen Aung Min said the opening of the Thanlwin River Rail Bridge, Burma’s longest rail bridge, and Thanlwin Railway Station, the country’s third biggest rail station, on April 17 allowed public to travel from Dawei in Burma’s southern area and Myitkyina in Northern area by train. (April 20 news)

·         Candidates who completed four-month advanced diploma in business administration course provided at the MHR teaching centre could register for world-wide acknowledged student membership that allows the candidates attending at the universities in UK, USA and Canada. (April 20 news)  

·         The State Lottery Department will increase selling numbers of 11-ticket lottery books to more than 2.4million from about 2.29million books. With the increased numbers of lottery tickets the department will enable to award total of K147.27million. (April 20 news)

·         Chicken price is likely to increase once consumption regains the speed as new day-old-chicks hardly are raised because of the bird flu outbreak in central Burma. The Ministry of Livestock and Fishery, and the Livestock Breeding and Fisheries Development Bank plan to provide day-old-chick and animal feeds for poultry farms in disease outbreak area that culled their birds in order to prevent the disease spreading. (April 20 news)

·         UMFCCI’s K733.4million head office in Lamadaw Township will be available for office operation during this month. (April 20 news) 

·         The Myanma Agriculture Service’s Economic Development Unit will expand collection of the agriculture-related data in seven more townships throughout the country. The data collection was started last April in the country’s seven disperse areas. (April 20 news)

The Japan Myanmar Supporting Service Organisation will continue plantation of the poppy-substitute plants in Pinlaung region in Shan State under the memorandum of understanding signed with the government’s Central Committee for Drug Abuse Control

Flower News
Vol. 2, No. 15 (April 12-18)

 ·         The State Peace and Development Council held its this year’s third press conference on April 9 that explained the terrorists’ sabotage acts which intends to damage the government and public sectors. The Minister for Information Brig-Gen Kyaw Hsan said the commodity price committee would be established in respective areas in addition to the one in Rangoon. Meanwhile anyone who were dissatisfied with the police would directly complain to the Myanmar Police Force’s Planning and Training Department, the director general of the Myanmar Police Force, Brigadier general Khin Yi said at the conference. He also said the suspicious explosive device found at the Yangon International School was a prank made by two Grade (10) foreign students, adding that the government would not penalise them even though they could be given for at lease one year imprisonment. It is learnt that the school is planning to confine the students. (April 9 news)

·         The Union of Myanmar Federation of Chambers of Commerce and Industry’s two storey head quarters was caught on fire on April 7. (April 9 news)

·         The Myanmar Rice and Paddy Traders’ Association set the price list in an attempt to avoid rice price rising due to the report of civil service’s salary hikes. It also announced that the rice and paddy wholesalers and retailers were to follow the association’s instruction that ordered them prepared daily report. (April 7 news)

·         The All Bus-line Control Committee’s 1115 city buses will operate during Thingyan Water Festival in order to facilitate the public transportation. (April 7 news)

·         The Minister for Home Affairs, Major General Maung Oo said the salary hikes and commodity prices increases were unrelated and government and private sectors were required to collaborate for prices control. (March 7 news)

·         Vehicle prices, depending on the models, are up about 0.8million due to nearing water festival as well as the general commodity price hikes. (March 7 news)

·         More than US$30million could be earned from export of about 0.12million tonnes onion that are expected to be produced in 2006 from new harvesting land, an onion exporting company said. (March 6 news)

Flower News Vol. 2, No. 14 (April 5-11)

 ·         A senior official from the Livestock Breeding and Veterinary Department confirmed that Burma began bringing the recent bird flu outbreak under control. (March 31 news)

·         German Agro Action will provide Euro 50,000 for expanding home gardening project in Rangoons Htantapin and Ayeyarwaddy’s Nyaungdon townships. The project is conducted to assist the households for fulfilling their basic needs. (March 31 news)

·         Officials from the Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation, Myanmar Rice and Paddy Traders’ Association and the Japanese New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organisation had met during this month for establishing a power plant, which will be fuelled with paddy husks, in Dedaye in Ayeyarwaddy Division. (March 31 news)

·         The prices of Hilsa and fresh water shrimp in Rangoons Central Fish Market increase even though their supplies are up. (March 31 news)

·         The Japan International Cooperation Agency will donate digital camera and camera accessories to the Myanma Agriculture Services so as to assist MAS helping farmers utilise agricultural technique more efficiently. (March 31 news)

Number of tourists visiting to Ngwe Saung Beach, which was dropped about 50 per cent in post-Tsunami, is up again during this tourist season. (March 31 news)    

Flower News
Vol. 2, No. 13 (March 29-April 4)

 ·         Regular supply of the variety of commodities to Thirimingalar wholesale market generates the stable price and the commodity prices will be up when the supply arrived the market behind the regular period. (March 24 news)

·         The Friends of Rainforest in Myanmar completed this month a project to supply electricity with solar power to 250-households in Thangyigone village in Popa area. The project is conducted since last December in collaboration with the Renewable Energy Association Myanmar and the project cost of more than K100million was funded by the British Embassy.  (March 24 news)          

·         The Ministry of Information at the Ministry of Information Burmese new administrative city, Pyinmana Napyidaw will begin using the government online system in coming month that enables the ministry to link online with its departments. (March 23 news)

·         Burma restricted the bird flu infected areas for animal disease control and the relevant authorities and the departments of Health and Livestock Breeding and Veterinary are conducting necessary disease control measures. (March 23 news)    

·         According to a local labour agency, Bahrains shipyard was offering 214 vacancies for Burmese workers with two years contract. (March 23 news)

·         E-Empire Media Group that is publishing the Flower News and Yangon Times weekly journal opens its branch office in Pyinmana on March 22. (March 22 news)

·         Myanma Port Authority is dredging the Yangon River everyday to facilitate the international cargo vessels that are using the river for cargo transports. (March 22 news)  

·         The World Trade Organisation announced that the ASEAN countries including Burma had to legislate and practise the intellectual property rights laws beginning from July 1 2013. (March 13 news)     

·         Two hotels and 19 inns are available for lodging before the opening of the new hotels in nine hotel zones in Pyinmana.    

Flower News Vol. 2, No. 12 (March 22-28)

The Flower News Vol. 2, No. 11 (March 15-21)

The Flower News Vol. 2, No. 10 (March 8-14)

The Flower News Vol. 2, No. 8 (February 22-28)

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