Kumudra 2006

Kumudra No. 252 (December 29)

Kumudra No. 251 (December 22)

Kumudra No. 249 (December 8)

Kumudra No. 248 (December 1)

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Kumudra No. 241 (October 13)

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Kumudra No. 221 (May 26)

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No. 218 (May 5)

No. 217 (April 28)

No. 216 (April 7)

 ·         Anyone who breaches the Traffic Rules Enforcement Supervisory Committee’s regulations to be practised during Water Festival will be fined K51,500. (March 31 news)

·         Vehicle rental for visiting around during Thingyan Festival increases about 20 per cent compared to last year due to the higher fuel prices. (March 30 news)

·         Most traders will not inventory the commodities for sales during water festival, which normally has higher commodities demand, due to the fluctuation of the prices. (March 30 news)

·         There were 20 criminal cases during last Thingyan Festival and the authorities will also strive to minimise the cases in coming festival. (March 22 news)

No. 215 (March 31)

 ·         Diamond sales are up despite the price increases about K10,000/20,000. Some dealers are still waiting to sell their diamonds due to the unstable prices. (March 28 news)      

·         The 61st Armed Forces Day was held at Naypyidaw on March 27. (March 27 news)

·         Boiled eggs are sold with K100 per four/three eggs at the bus stations in Hlaingthaya Township. Raw eggs are available at the market with about K25 per unit. Meanwhile palm oil price is stronger again due to the increased consumption. (March 27 news)

·         Companies that grow onions at the wastelands claimed that they normally achieved experience rather than profits in the first year of plantation. Companies are growing onion at the wastelands due to the governments’ policy that allowed them to export self-grown onion. (March 26 news) 

·         Business licences can be applied online at the Ministry of Commerce’s Public Access Centre (Internet centre). Sending the online applications for the business licences to the Ministry’s head office in Pyinmana via Internet centre is available since last month. (March 24 news)

·         Myanmar Banks Association is permitted to establish Myanmar Institute of Banking in which diploma courses on banking will be conducted soon. (March 23 news)

No. 214 (March 24)

·         Gold price is stable at about K345,000 per tical during two weeks. (March 21 news)

·         Rice price cools down due to entering of the summer harvest crop while broken rice price drops significantly. Though rice price is up about K1,500 per bag in early March it drops again about the same amount due to introducing of the summer rice. (March 21 news)

·         Egg price is still stronger even though chicken price drops considerably due to the outbreak of bird flu. Egg price now is about K50 per unit and the chicken price about K1,500 per viss. (March 20 news) 

·         The President of the Myanmar Pharmaceutical and Medical Equipment Entrepreneurs Association, Dr Maung Maung Lay suggested for importing bird flu medication in order to facilitate in case of urgency. (March 16 news)

·         Variety of beans and pulses are harvested and market price offered from India is also better. But only exporters who sell directly to India market see reasonable profits and local traders who sell their products via brokers gain marginal profit. (March 16 news)

·         Mander Portman Woodward College Groups from Britain held its first education seminar on March 8 at the Traders Hotel. (March 16 news)

·         Mobile telephone handset prices are up slightly while handset sales also increase twofold due to the report of leasing of the GSM mobile phones by the Myanma Posts and Telecommunications. (March 15 news)

·         Under the grassroots grant assistance program the Japanese government donated US$91,418 on March 8 for malaria combating activities in Kyauktaw and Pounnakyun townships in Rakhine State. (March 9 news)   

Kumudra No. 212 (March 10)

Kumudra No. 209 (February 17)

No. 208 (February 10)

Kumudra No. 207 (February 3)

Kumudra No. 206 (January 27)

Kumudra No. 205 (January 20)

Kumudra No. 204 (January 13)

No. 203 (January 6)