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Tsunami kills 6 in Arakan



Akyab, Dec 28:  6 Arakanese people were killed in Akyab, the capital of Arakan state, by the tsunami that drove through the Andaman Sea on Sunday. The bodies were found yesterday, on the seashore.


All of the victims were from the Thicaung quarter that is located near the seaside, 7 miles north of Akyab.


A fishing boat owner said that two fishing boats from Paithe Wra under the Wra Gri Mruk quarter of Akyab are still missing and a number of fishing trawlers were also reported still missing at sea.


Reportedly the heavy tidal waves hit the sea area of Arakan, but it is very difficult to get any information due to the communication difficulties in Burma.


A witness from an Akyab hotel said that 5 successive heavy tidal waves hit his hotel compound at an approximate 15 minute interval, however he said there were not any damages to the buildings and houses in Akyab by the heavy waves.


The military government had not disclose any reports regarding Burma's causalities until now.


A well of water up to 30 feet high triggered by the 9.0 magnitude earthquake swept into Indonesia, and over the coasts of many South and Southeast Asian countries.  #



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