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36 people dead in Burma by tidal waves: Military Junta


Akyab, Dec 29: The Burmese military junta confessed in a government newspaper

report that there were 36 people dead in Burma after massive tidal waves,

caused by a severe intensity earthquake in the Andaman Sea, hit the coast.


At least 45 people were injured and 14 are still missing. Seventeen villages

along the coastal area were damaged and so far 788 people were displaced,

according to today's report in the New Light of Myanmar.


However a local source stated that the number of dead and the damage to

properties of many coastal area people could be much greater than that stated

in the government report.


The tidal waves hit several coastal areas including Taninthayi, Rangoon, Pago

and Irrawaddy Divisions and the state of Arakan.


Some buildings reportedly collapsed in Southern Shan State due to earthquake.


Several SPDC ministers visited the earthquake hit-areas of Irrawaddy Division

yesterday, but there was not any information of the ministers visiting Arakan

State to provide the necessary supplies to the earthquake-affected people



According to a local source, 12 Arakanese people were killed by the tidal

waves and some fishing boats from the Southern costal area of Arakan were

still missing.


In last May's cyclone, over 1,000 Arakanese people who were living near the

seaside were killed and about 20,000 people were displaced from that natural

disaster. #


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