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4th January 2005


Western Command tenders 12 shrimp farms to local businessmen


On the 30th of December the military's western command tendered 12 shrimp farms for the 2005 fiscial year to local businessmen in Maungdaw, Arakan.


A tender ceremony was held in the headquarters of Nasaka under the supervision of the Deputy Commander of Western Command base in Ann Town in central Arakan state.


“There were a number of local businessmen attending the ceremony but it was only for a few people”, said a businessman from Maungdaw.


12 businessmen from around Maungdaw Township recieved the tender of 64.8 million kyat, all of which are related to the SPDC government and the Union Solidarity Development Association (USDA).


“The tender is impossible to get for ordinary people. The people who were offered the tender are close to the SPDC authority. One businessman, U Kyaw Yin, who received a tender of Kyi Kyunt island, located in Naff River, for 60 million kyat, is a leader of USDA of Maungdaw township,” said a businessman.


Those people who want to get a tender usually give a bribe to the local authority for the shrimp farm and then another bribe for the export of shrimp products to neighboring countries.


In the past, Nasaka intelligent officials proclaimed that the funds earned from shrimp tender was for the welfare of Nasaka and the intelligent unit, but in the end most of the money was misappropriated by the officials.


The shrimp farms total over 6400 acres which previously belonged to Nasaka officials and the Maungdaw Intelligent Unit but the farms came under the control of Western Command after Nasaka intelligence officials were dispelled from their posts.


Shrimp farming is a lucrative business in Arakan state, thus a number of military personnel have illegally gotten involved in the business, added the businessman.#




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