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Dhaka, January 10


Another Huge cache of arms recovered from Burma-Bangladesh border


Bangladesh Rifles (BDR) recovered a number of sophisticated arms and

ammunitions from the Burma-Bangladesh border on January 6, according to a

local news agency.


Among the confiscated weapons were 11 AK-47 rifles, 53 magazines, and 1506

bullets, all of which were discovered in an old insurgent camp.


The camp was said to be empathetic of people that are situated in the

Linmoesari, an area under the hill town of Nagkhonesari in Bangladesh, which

is opposite Burma's Maungdaw, 7 miles from the Burmese border.


Within the last one and half months the paramilitary force retrieved, in the

same area, a total of 26 AK-47s and two M-16 rifles, four mortars, eight light

machine guns, one rocket launcher and more than 14,000 bullets.


Bangladeshi authorities confirmed that the arms belonged to an arms smuggling

group who had apparently covered up the weapons, deep in the forest.


However, some analysts living in the border area believe that the arms

actually belonged to Burmese insurgent groups as there was a group sheltered

in the area only a few months ago. The analysts refused, however, to provide

the name of the group.


Since the Bangladeshi authority began pressuring Burmese insurgent groups,

operating within Bangladeshi territory, to give up their armed struggle

against the Burmese military government, many insurgent groups have left the

area in order to avoid the Bangladeshi army.


The arms discovered by the Bangladeshi authority were all removed from an area

near the border with Burma, where they were found hidden in the deep earth.


In Last year alone, the army and the Bangladesh Rifles (BDR), together in a

joint drive, have recovered at least 40 sophisticated arms, including AK-47

assault rifles, light machine guns (LMG), semi-machine guns (SMG), foreign

made 9mm pistols, 303 rifles, mortars and a large amount of ammunitions and

other equipment from different parts of the Bangladesh-Burma border.  #


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