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Maungdaw, January 11



4 ferrymen arrested in Maungdaw

Four ferrymen were arrested by town authorities when it was discovered that 7 Arakanese people were sent back to Bangladesh on their boats.


The arrestees are identified as Than Maung Chay, Nyi Pu, U Sein Mg and Bo Thein Tan, all are from the Aung Bala quarter of Maungdaw.


The relatives of the individuals involved told our reporter at Taknef that the 7 men were from a revolutionary party based on the border area and that they had recently surrendered to SPDC troops and had been held in Maungdaw.


After their surrender, the authorities placed them at a monastery, however, last month they were shifted to a riot police cantonment in Maungdaw, where they were forced to work in a compound of the cantonment.


On January 2, in hopes of escaping from the work in the cantonment, the seven fled to Bangladesh by boat.


According to the SPDC’s present policy, when an insurgent group surrenders, the members are placed in the SPDC’s modern villages in Maung Daw Township.


People from a nearby modern village said that surrendered men are not allowed to travel freely to another parts of Burma without the permission of the authorities.


“It is like a prison for surrendered men in Arakan state,” he added.


The four ferrymen arrested can be sentenced to 10 years in jail if they confess to sending the individuals back to Bangladesh on their boats. #



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