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Akyab, January 13


Rice Production Decline in Arakan



In the western Burmese state of Arakan, rice production has declined in comparison to last year.


A farmer from Ingra Chaing Kyan from Puak Taw Township said during his visit to Bangladesh, “Rice is not very good in our region.  In fact it is in the whole of Arakan.  The main cause is the decline of the rice price last year and we are unable to buy enough fertilizer.” 


Insufficient fertiliser has therefore led to a poor rice crop throughout Arakan.


Another farmer from the Akyab region said, “Due to the decline in production, the rice price is bouncing back.  It is fetching 45,000 kyat for 100 baskets, or 1200 kilograms.  Last year one could be considered lucky to get 20,000 to 25,000 kyat.”


While ordinary rice is about 47,00 kyat per sack ( equivalent 50 kilograms), the better quality Paw San Hmwee brand of rice is priced at about 60,00 kyat per sack.


Since the raw rice prices hiked, the processed rice price has also surged from 3,000 to 4,700 kyat per 50 kilograms, and from 4,500 to 6,000 kyat per 50 kilograms for Paw San Hmwee rice.


In Bangladesh, which is a neighboring country to Arakan, 100 baskets is worth about 90,00 taka or 135,000 Burmese kyat this year, while it was worth 60,00 taka this time last year.


Rice crops in Arakan were not affected by the cyclone that crossed during May 2004. 


Arakan is also the third largest rice-producing region in Burma.  There are one million acres of rice paddy in Arakan.  The junta aims to expend the paddy to 1.1 million acres next year.


There are about 42.9 million acres of rice paddy throughout Burma. #



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