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Maung Daw, January 13


Head of Nasaka department indicted by local authority

The head of the Nasaka force in Arakan state, Let -Col Aung Nwge, is currently facing a lawsuit prosecuted by the local SPDC authorities for his involvement in a murder case.

“The police department of Maungdaw received an order from high ranking officials of Western Command to collect evidence to prosecute him” said a teacher close to a Maungdaw police officer.


According to a police source, Aung Nwge was indirectly involved in a murder case in 1993, when a Sergeant Soe Naing, from Light Infantry Battalion 263, died after a car accident in Maungdaw Township.


Following the accident Aung Nwge informed the township magistrate that Soe Naing was killed by a wild elephant while on the way to his house. Aung Nwge had received a large bribe from the owner of the car, Zohil Armad, and was an informant for the Nasaka Force, or Border Security Force.


Let-Col Aung Nwge’s business partnership with the car owner may have provoked him to lie to the Maungdaw Township court regarding the facts of the case.


Acting as head of the Nasaka Force at the time allowed Zohil Armad many above-the-law privileges in both Maungdaw and Buthidaung Townships.


A source said that the unsatisfied parents of Soe Naing recently complained to the SPDC authorities regarding their son’s case, asking them to revisit the case.


The police department is now preparing to prosecute Aung Nwge for giving false information regarding Soe Naing’s death to the township court.


Car owner Zohil Armad was also arrested and was being interrogated by the police about the accident.


Aung Nwge was arrested by the authorities on December 21, 2004 , along with another 12 Nasaka officials in both Maungdaw and Buthidaung Townships.


The fate of arrested Nasaka officers is uncertain and their situation dangerous due to the retaliation of SPDC officials, said a local teacher. #



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