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Buthidaung, January 25


Army sergeant arrested for attempted rape


A new arrival army sergeant from Burma proper was arrested for attempting a rape a captain's wife in Buthidaung, 80 miles north of the Arakan capital of Akyab, according to army sources.


The sergeant was identified as Aung Myo Oo from the newly formed organization of Burma's Military Government Army Security.


The event occurred on January 14, in the former MI Compound 18 of Buthidaung, when the army captain left his wife alone in a room.


As the sergeant went to the captain house to look for some cooking materials he saw her alone in the room; it was then that the alleged attempted rape occurred.


Captain Htin Aung Naing, who is in charge of the compound, returned to the scene as soon as he received the information regarding the event.


He then arrested the sergeant and handed him over to the Light Infantry Battalion 234 base in Buthi Daung.


The sergeant is currently detained in a cantonment of Light Infantry Battalion 234, where he is being interrogated for his attempted rape of the captain's wife.


The sergeant had recently arrived at Buthidaung from Burma proper, with another 13 new army personnel, to replace the recently ousted military intelligent Unite 18. #



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