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Maungdaw, January 25



WFP's food aid looted by robbers in Arakan


On January 19 the World Food Program, WFP, was robbed of a large amount of food aid in Maung Daw Township, a western Arakan border town, according to police sources.


The goods were looted from a boat in the middle of the night while in route to Krean Chaung village from Maung Daw.


The boat was loaded with 1000 sacks of rice and 149 sacks of peas that were intended for extremely poor people, under a rehabilitation program.


The robbers approached the WFP boat in their own motor boat and ordered it to stop in the same manner as the Burmese soldiers. When the WFP boatmen stopped the boat, the robbers tied the crew up at gunpoint.


The robbers then loaded the bags of rice and peas onto their boat and proceeded to rob the boatmen of any currency they had on them, said one of the boatman.


The robbers were, however, unable to take all of the food on board as their boat was much smaller than that of the WFP.


The director of WFP's food carrier, U Maung Maung, has reported the event to the Maungdaw police station.


A police source said that the Burmese authority is preparing a letter of complaint to the Bangladesh Rifle (BDR) regarding the case. There is not currently any information regarding who was involved in the event.


In Buthi Daung and Maung Daw Townships, law and order is disrupted after a Nasaka force was dismissed from their duty by the local SPDC authority, reported several local people. #



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