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Akyab, January 26


Burma's Western Command under high alert


All army battalions under Western Command, including border outposts, are now in ready position after the army authority ordered them under high alert, said a report from Akyab.


"Yes, the Burmese army is in a high alert position and I didn't see any army personnel yesterday visiting outside with any civilians", said a local resident who is lives near Light Infantry Battalion 233, in Buthidaung.


The reason for the Burmese army's high alert status is currently unknown.


The army's order to stay in high alert came out after Western Command's Min Aung Hlaing returned to Ann Western Command Headquarters, from a regional commander level meeting in Rangoon, on January 23.


According to army sources, the western commander has summoned all captain level officials, with their respective wives, from all battalions under the Western Command to attend a meeting which began yesterday at Western Command Headquarters, located in Ann Township in Arakan state, about 500 miles northwest from Rangoon.


Battalion commanders' level army officials were not, however, summoned to attend the meeting.


There was a rumor in the border area that at least 10 soldiers recently deserted from the army, with a number of arms, and marched to the border area in order to cooperate with rebel groups on the western border of Burma.


According to border sources, the Burmese army is currently using four cut military tactics in the border area. The four cut military tactics, the four essential items including food, water, communication, and transportation areremoved from the access of the enemy.


Rumors have been running high among the Burmese people after PM Khin Nyunt was ousted from his position. People have been carefully watching the present situation in Burma with the hope that Burma's situation will change in the near future, said a retired teacher from Akyab University. #


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