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Dhaka, January 27

Riots spread near Kyauk Pru; Army besieges 3 Buddhist Monastery in Arakan

Religious rioting is now spreading a town near Kyauk Pru and 3 monasteries have been besieged by army personnel, said a Buddhist monk.


"The monks are not allowed to offer food from outside by authority and army has now besieged 3 monasteries in Kyauk Pru", said U Shet Kinda from a monastery of Akyah via a telephone interview.


Five students were also arrested for their involvement in the riot in Kyauk Pru, the monk added.


Army personnel from LIB 34 have besieged 3 monasteries in Kyauk Pru, a district town of Arakan, including Naga Pariyeti Satin Thike, Bura Gri, and Yet Thi in hoping of prevent the riot from spreading.


However the religious riot has now spread near the towns of Rambree. Both Kyauk Pru and Rambree are located on Rambree Island, one of Burmaís biggest islands. There was not yet any information regarding the riot at Rambree.


The riot began on January 20, before the Muslim religious festival, Eid-ul-Azha, after a clash between several monks and a Muslim sweeper in Kyauk Pru.


A video of the scene shows houses that were destroyed and so far 3 people are reportedly killed in the riot.


The Burmese authority has prohibited any Muslims from traveling in all townships of Arakan State.


In Buthi Daung and Maung Daw, both Muslim dominated areas, security has been heavily tightened and Muslims are not allowed to visit between villages.#


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