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Akyab, February 2


Reinforcement forces sent from Arakan to Karen State


Burmese Military authorities recently sent 2

reinforcement army battalions from Arakan State to

Karen State, said a report.


Around 100 soldiers, including the battalion commander

from Light Infantry Battalion 233 Base in Buthi Daung,

80 miles north of the Arakan State's capital Akyab,

left for Akyab on  January 26 by the vessel



The troops will travel to Burma proper from Akyab,

across the Arakan Roma.


Other troops from Akyab, Battalion No 354 left Akyab

for Taung Gut, a gateway town between Arakan and Burma

proper, on January 27 by the vessel Malikha. The troop

consists of at least 150 soldiers, said a witness

living in an Akyab jetty.


These recent events aren't unusual for Burma military

as the SPDC authority has previously sent its troops

to Karen State, where the Burmese military has a heavy

offensive against Karen and Karenni revolutionary

groups there.


The Burmese military is currently heavily involved in

an offensive against the KNU and the KNPP on the

eastern side of Burma, very close to Thailand.


In the western side of Burma there are not currently

many strong insurgent groups, resulting in little

armed conflict with insurgents groups, so army

battalions stationed in Arakan State were used to send

reinforcements to eastern Burma to aid in the fight

against the insurgents groups there.


Since 1988, over 50 Burmese army battalions have

stationed in Arakan State. #



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