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Gwa, February 6


2 constables critically wounded after clash with army


Two private police were critically wounded after a

clash with army personnel, in Gwa Township, in

southern Arakan State, said a police source.


The victims were identified as Constable San Aye and

Ko Ko Aung, both of which are now in a local hospital.


A group of army personnel attacked a police compound

with sticks and stones in Gwa on the night of January



In the attack two policemen were wounded, while others

suffered from minor injuries.


The power of the former Military Intelligence (MI) in

rural areas of Burma was replaced by the police forces

when the MI was disbanded late last year.


Some army officers were dissatisfied with the police

departmentís newfound authority and their approach to

law and order in the rural areas.


These dissatisfactions have been the root of several

recent clashes between the police and the Army in

several places in Arakan State, said a local teacher.#



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