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Dhaka, February 7



List of tsunami victims released in Arakan


The names of those killed in Arakan State in the

recent tsunami disaster has been thusfar withheld from

distribution by the SPDC.


According to a report of Radio Free Asia, RFA, on 31

January, 9 people were killed by the tsunami, 3 of

which were children, in three townships in Arakan



Several of the victims were identified as Maung Aung

Lin, 18, son of U Maung Shwe Aye and Maung Aung Lin

Fro, 8, son of U Maung Than Shwe. Both are from Kung

Baung Gri, a village under the Zee Chaung track of

Kyauk Pru Township.


In Rambree Township there are at least two people

dead; Ton May Lett, 18, son of U Nyi Nyi Thein and Soe

Nyein Naing, 8, son of U Maung Shwe. Both victims were

from Kum Ai Wra under the Lay Daung track of Rambree



In Taung Gut Township, the 5 people pronounced dead

were identified as Maung Toe Lin Tun, 11, son of U Hla

Tin; Daw Khin shwe, 48; Daw San San Shwe, 38; Ma Nyunt

Yee, 17, daughter of U Min Kyaw and Maung Toe That

Aung, 7, son of U Min Kyaw. All were from the village

of Kular Raung Wra, in Taung Gut Township.


There are a number of townships situated near the

coast in Arakan State that suffered casualties,

however many people fear attempting to collect a list

of victims for fear of attracting the attention of the



A news source said at least three video rental shops,

including Shwe Rakhine, Shwe Okka and Nyien Kyaw in

Akyab, the capital of Arakan state, were fined on

January 16, for renting video recordings of the

tsunami and the consequent relief work.


There has, thus far, been no formal list of tsunami

victims names in Arakan State, as the Burmese

Military will not allow any individual organization to

do so.


Some Arakanese have sent the list of tsunami victims

to the ICRC as well as a UN body, in hopes of

attracting relief attention to those Arakanese

families that were affected by the tsunami, said a RFA



Though SPDC is currently offering relief aid to the

tsunami victims in the Irrawaddy Division, they have

not, thus far, offered any relief for the Arakanese

tsunami victims. #



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