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Akyab, February 11
SPDC picked USDA members represent
Arakan State at National Convention

Arakan State
will be represented by a total of 34 Union Solidarity and Development Association (USDA) members at the upcoming February 17 SPDC sponsored National Convention. Each of the 17 townships in Arakan State will send two USDA members to the convention as representatives of the Arakanese people, said an anonymous prominent political leader.
U Kyaw Yin who is the Arakan State USDA Secretary led the 50 representatives of the Arakanese team, who have gathered in the state's capital of Akyab in preparation for their trip to Rangoon.
He told Narinjara by phone yesterday that all district and township level USDA's secretaries, including Akyab District Secretary U Tun Win, Kyauk Pru District Secretary U Aung Tin Thein, and Thandwe District Secretary U Saw Myint Oo have been selected as Arakanese representatives at the National Convention.
"There are not any representatives from Arakan State that were chosen by the people, all were selected by the SPDC authority,” he said.
The authority will not allow representatives from any Arakanese political party, including the Arakan League for Democracy, a prominent people’s party in the state, to attend the convention.
U Mra Wa, Director of the Bangladesh Brach Arakan National Council, said the future of Burma, especially for the ethnic minorities of Burma, will worsen if the new constitution gives mandate to the Burmese Army, allowing it to be involved in the country’s politics.
He added that the people of Burma had discarded the 1974 constitution, drawn by General Ne Win's Socialist government, because it was not appropriate for that time. "How can we accept an even worse constitution in Burma," he asked.
U Mra Wa urged the SPDC military government to allow all political parties, including the NLD and the Ethnic nationality parties to attend the National Convention later this month. If the military government wants future peace and prosperity in Burma, the government should solve Burma’s political problems on the table through peaceful means, and by including all political parties.
Burma’s authority is now preparing to resume the national convention, with its thugs and supporters, but without any of the other major political parties of Burma.
The USDA was formed by the ruling military junta to implement their policy as well as to move against the winning party of the 1990 election, the National League for Democracy (NLD), led by Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Daw Aung San Suu Kyi, in 1993. #

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