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Dhaka, February 13

ALD-exile holds a press conference in Dhaka

In a press conference at the Dhaka press club yesterday, the Vice president of

the Arakan League for Democracy-Exile (ALD) urged the people of Burma to join

together in the opposition of the SPDC sponsored National Convention (NC),

which will resume on 17 February.


U San Hla Pru, Vice president of the ALD, said a new constitution drawn by the

military government would not develop any political affairs of Burmaís future.

He said that people need to understand why the SPDC is holding the National

Convention without any political parties and leaders, and that people should

together react against such a sham of a convention.


"I, as the vice president of ALD, as well as on behalf of the Arakanese

people, urge the people of Burma and the international community to go against

the National Convention," said U San Hla Pru in the press conference.


The press conference was held at 11:00 am local time, in Dhaka with about 25

reporters from respective newspapers in attendance, along with other Arakanese



In the conference, U San Hla Pru talked of the present situation in Burma and

the condition of Daw Aung San Suu Kyi, who is still under house arrest in



The vice president also read a statement issued by the ALD that stated that

the so called national convention has been boycotted by the NLD, and the UNLD,

including the ALD, due to the lack of free discussions allowed in the



The statement added that the constitution drawn up by the ruling governmentís

handpicked yes-men will surely give legal authorization to the military to be

able to stay permanently in power.


The groups urged the SPDC military government to comply to the demands

outlined in their statement: to immediately stop the national convention; to

release Daw Aung Suu Kyi and other political leaders; to immediately hold a

tripartite dialogue, and to allow all parties to freely and actively



In the conference, Mr Mahbub Alam, chairman of BAKSAL, Mr Kaqmrul Alam Sabuj,

Coordinator of Students and Youths against plundering well and gas, and Mr

Rosiuddim Arif (NPRM) were also in attendance, as chairmen.


ALD was a wining party in Arakan State in 1990ís election, but the military

government has not allowed them the freedom of their activities in Burma. Some

leaders have since left for neighboring countries in order to carry out their

work, under the name of ALD (Exile). #


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