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Akyab, February 15

300 prisoners dispatched to Mawlamyine

200 prisoners from the Akyab prison were sent to Mawlamyine, a capital of Mon

State, by Burmaís authority on 30 January, according to a relative of a



The prisoners were sent by sea through the town of Kyauk Pru, located on

Rambree Island.  100 prisoners from the Kyauk Pru jail were also included in

the group.


The prisoner's carrier vessel, Danyawady, first traveled to Kyauk Pru from

Akyab, then on to the final destination of the Taung Gut. The prisoners were

then taken by bus from Taung Gut, across the Arakan Roma Range on to



Though the jail authority refused to speak openly of the move to Narinjara, a

local politician from Akyab confirmed by telephone that the facts of the

incident were true.


According to a relative of prisoner, about 50,000 Burmese Kyat in bribe money

is needed in order to avoid someone being sent to Mawlamyine for the use as a

porter in battle.


The prisoners sent to Mawlamyine are being used as military porters in the

frontline battles on the Thai-Burma border where there are currently many

gunfights between the Burmese troops and ethnic rebels. #

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