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Akyab, February 16



5 businessmen released on bail following joint arrest with Nasaka official


5 businessmen were released on bail after they had been arrested with a Nasaka commander last month.


"Yes, they are now free, but they are on bail," said a relative of one of the men. He didn't, however, divulge the amount of the bail.


The businessmen were released from the Akyab Jail on 12 February.


The 5 were arrested last month, allegedly for being business partners of the Nasaka Commander Lieutenant Colonel Aung Nwge, in several business sectors of Arakan State.


The 5 involved in the incident are reported to be: U Mon Din Chay,Village Chairman of No(1) Quarter of Maungdaw; U Far Chay and U Lone Chay, Nga Kura Village of Maungdaw; U Lu Lu from Nasaka Area Number (5), and U Aung Min Thein, from Miko Company.


The Nasaka commander and 5 other Muslim businessmen remain in the jail as they were not allowed to post bail for their release.


Aung Nwge has a number of business sectors in Arakan, under other names, such as the Miko Company, said a local businessman.


The Miko Company was registered with the government as working in the dry noodles business, but the company was allegedly smuggling a Chinese made battery cell and several kind of locks with key into Bangladesh from the border area. #



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