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Dhaka, February 26


ALD protests Burmaís Foreign Minister visit to Dhaka

At least 5 people from the Arakan League for Democracy-Exile (ALD) held a demonstration against Burmaís Foreign Minister Nyan Winís visit to Bangladesh in front of the Bangladesh high court, close to Bangladesh foreign ministry office, on 24 Feb.

The demonstrators held signboards and banners denouncing Nyan Winís trip to Bangladesh and their displeasure in Burmaís upcoming national convention.


Ko Naing Naing, an organizer of demonstration said, ďBurmaís military government is not entitled to sign any long term business plans with other governments because the government gets itís power by arms.Ē


He added that the government still ignores the world demands for the release of Daw Aung Sann Suu Kyi and all other political prisoners from jail. The protesters are opposed to the governmentís ruthless manners as well as the trip of Burmaís Foreign Minister to Bangladesh.


In the demonstration the ALD members distributed a statement to the Bangladeshi people who watched the demonstration near a pay platform.


The demonstrators were also heard shouting slogans expressing their desire for Nyunt Win to leave Bangladesh, for the immediate stopping of Burmaís National Convention, and for the immediate release of Daw Suu and other ethnic political leaders.


ALD pointed out in their statement that Bangladeshi and Indian countrymen get many benefits for doing business with Burma, but the only benefit for Burma are for the governmentís buying of sophisticated arms and ammunitions that are used to oppress the people of Burma.


Also in the statement, the ALD condemned Nyan Winís trip to Bangladesh, fearing a number of bilateral issues, including business deals with Bangladesh, will only further push Burma into being one of the poorest countries in the world.


This is the first trip to Bangladesh for Nyan Win, since he became Foreign Minister. His trip began on 24 February and he is expected to back to Burma todayí morning. #


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