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Akyab, Feb 28


27 Muslims arrested with human trafficking gang in Akyab


27 Muslims were arrested by Akyab police, along with a trafficking gang, while

they were preparing to depart to Malaysia by motor boat, said a police report.


The incident took place in the middle of the night, on 24 February, when

police arrested them in the Than Ban Chaung Creek, near the Akyab main post



Among those arrested, 8 were women, and there were not any children involved.


According to police sources, the traffickers were paid close to 250,000

Burmese Kyat a person before leaving for Malaysia.


All arrestees were from the Unbala and Nazi Wra Quarters of Akyab, the capital

of Arakan State. Following their arrest, they were sent to the Akyab Central

Jail, according to a policeman from the Zee Gri Gate police outpost, by phone



All involved denied the accusation that they were trying to leave for

Malaysia, but they confessed that they were preparing to leave for Rangoon,

the police added.


Even though police department refused to disclose the names of the

traffickers, the group was reported to be from the Unbala Quarter, and were

apparently linked with some army officials.


The authorities also arrested Army Sergeant Thein Theik, from Nazi Para, a

Muslim village outpost in the Akyab Township, on 2 Feb for his involvement in

a human trafficking case, along with his colleague, Mr Bodu Shouku, a known

human trafficker. #


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