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Akyab, March 1


Arakan group's posters speak out against the SPDC


A group of Arakanese patriots spoke out against the Burmese military junta by

posting anti-government posters on a street wall, the night of 17 Feb, said

one shop owner from the Akyab central market.


The posters demanded that the invading Burmese forces leave Arakan State, that

they stop the National Convention, and that they cease the foreign sales of

Arakan gas.


The posters were hung near crowded areas of Akyab; near an inland

transportation jetty, the government information center near the U Ottama

Garden compound, on the gate of the Akyab Municipal Market, and in front of

the Akyab high court.


The messages on the posters were written in large fonts so that they could

clearly be seen from far distances.


The posters were signed, in red, by a group calling themselves "Arakanese



On the morning of 18 Feb, town police tore the posters down, but they were

unable to arrest anyone on the spot.


According to townís people, the group was likely to hang posters on the walls

again, under the cover night.


Akyab police forces now are under close watch of a number of tea houses

situated on Mun Gri Kyauk Tan road, where are a large number of people,

including politicians and students, generally gather, said a politician from



On December 31 last year, on the 220 year anniversary of Arakan losing itís

severity, several Arakanese students hung posters speaking against the Burma

Military government on the street wall. In the incident three students were

arrested in Akyab and a number of studentís houses were searched by the

Burmese authority. #


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