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Akyab, March 3


Akyab seaport jetty still damaged after last year’s cyclone


An Akyab seaport jetty, a main port jetty of Arakan State, is still in need of

repair since it was damaged by last year's May 19 cyclone as the government

has neglected to repair it, said a businessmen from Akyab.


U Kyaw, a prominent businessman, said yesterday that there has been enough

time to rebuild the jetty, since the incident took place 10 months ago, but so

far the government does not have any plan to rebuild it.


"As the jetty was not constructed by the government, businessmen are forced to

spend at least 1 million Burmese Kyat in extra money for a day in the

transportations sector" U Kyaw said.


Since the government has neglected to repair the jetty, people have suffered

from the inconvenience of having to travel everywhere by ship, another town’s

person told Narinjara by phone.


25 percent of Arakanese people still use jetty for traveling to Rangoon, Kyauk

Pru, and Than Dwe from Akyab, and the loading and unloading of goods are

typically carried through this jetty.


The 608 feet jetty, located in downtown Akyab, was built by the British

government in 1844, during the period of British rule in Arakan State.


An Arakanese prominent political leader from Akyab accused the government of

still using the divide and rule policy for the ethnic people of Burma. Even

though the government always proclaims that it is working for the non-Burman

ethnic people of Burma in several border areas under the Border Development

Ministry, there is currently no development for ethnic people, only for the

Burmese military officials.


He also pointed out the damaged Akyab jetty, and questioned why the military

government does not want to rebuild it.


"It is proof that the government still used a policy of divide and rule for

the ethnic people of Burma, " he concluded.


The jetty was damaged last year in the May cyclone attack, where a number of

people were killed and many properties were damaged in Arakan State, Burma.#


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