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Akyab, March 4

Labor camp prisoners used on shrimp farms

Some Arakan State labor camp prisoners are being forced to work at a number of shrimp farms as unpaid day laborers, said one prisoner’s father, under anonymity.


The labor camp in question is situated in a remote area near Sabyin Village of MyeBon Township, under Kyauk Pru District in the Arakan State of Burma.


The authorities of the Akyab jail often send their prisoners to the labor camp near the end of their jail term.


"My son was sent to the labor camp last December, two months before he was to be released, but he is still in the prisoner labor camp", the father said.


He said that his son, along with another 9 prisoners, were removed from the Akyab Jail compound by the jail authorities in the middle of the night and taken to a small jetty in Akyab. The prisoners were then reported to be sent to the labor camp by motor boat before the town’s people awoke.


According local sources, there are a number of large shrimp farms that belong to local businessmen, however a local army battalion owns two or three of the farms.


The prisoners are forced to work at the site, mostly on the construction of farm embankments, from 6 AM to 6 PM each day.


It is good business for the jail authority because they make a lot of money from the owners of shrimp farms that pay the prisoners’ wages. The Rangoon authority does not seem to know that the jail authority is using forced labor from the prisoners on the shrimp farms, the man said.


It was learned that there are about 40 prisoners in the camp and that they are currently still working at the shrimp farms as day laborers.#



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