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Cox's Bazar, March 5


Burmese prisoners in Bangladesh soon to be sent back to Burma

According to Cox's Bazar jail authorities, 115 Burmese prisoners in a Bangladeshi jail will be sent back to Burma on 12 March, after negotiation between two the neighboring countries.


The Burmese prisoners have been gathered in the Cox's Bazar jail, a border town on the Bangladeshi side, for the last couple of months in preparation for returning them back to their homeland.


There are currently about 172 Burmese prisoners in the Cox's Bazar jail, sent from several jails by the Bangladesh authority, waiting to be repatriated to Burma, however the Burmese government has agreed to accept only 115 Burmese prisoners in the first batch.


The Bangladesh jail authority has sent a list of the remaining Burmese prisoners to Burmaís authority, which has not yet replied with their intentions for the remaining Burma prisoners.


According to a source from Cox's Bazar, two officials from both countries will hold a meeting in a border town of Bangladesh on March 7 regarding the Burmese prisoners.


In the meeting an agreement on the repatriation of the Burmese prisoners was made between the two representatives, however the Burmese authority will only agree to accept itsí people under a section of Burmese disaster law, not for immigrant workers.


According to a Burmese prisoner source, some of the Burmese prisoners have been languishing in the Bangladeshi jail, waiting to return home for a long time after their jail term was over.


At least 300 Burmese prisoners, including several Arakanese insurgents, will remain in Bangladesh, as their jail term is not yet finished.  #




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