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Cox's Bazar, March 11



Authorities census on immigration Burmese national in Bangladesh



The Bangladeshi authority is now looking closely at the number of Burmese immigrants living in the southern districts that border Burma, said a local source.


 "The authorities ask us to collect the numbers of Burmese nationals who are living in our village, the list of the persons who have matrimonial ties with the locals and the period of their settlements here," said a member of the village governing body of Bwaidaw Para Village in Ramu Township, Cox’sbazar District, Bangladesh.


Similarly, the local armies have already called on the head or chairman of the villages in the townships of Lama and Alae khongdong, asking for the immediate reports on any foreigners staying in the area and the lists of Burmese immigrants, detailing their matrimonial relations with the locals.


According to a resident in Lama, some villages are now sending detailed reports on Burmese immigrants to the responsible authorities. The Naichaungchari Township completed its assignment on the issue a month ago.


"Some Burmese have been living here for decades, but I have never heard the authorities take such action on the Burmese migrants before. Now they (authorities) have already finished compiling detailed information about the immigrants in our township," said a Naichaungchari resident.


 The authorities have yet to make public their actions against Burmese nationals in the townships' villages. Most of the villagers said that they are following the orders as a preparation to issue nationality cards to Bangladeshi people.


 The Bangladeshi government is preparing to issue nationality cards for the first time to its people in the coming year.


 One Burmese analyst said that there is great concern for illegal immigrants in Bangladesh, and that concern is steadily increasing as the neighboring Burma further suffers from an economic crisis.


 Despite the crisis, the authorities have been collecting detailed numbers of Burmese immigrants in the rural areas of Cox’sbazar and Chittagon hill tract including Bandarban district town, but they have so far not taken these steps in downtown of Cox's Bazar, where most of the Bangladeshi Rakhaing people live. #


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