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Bandarban, March 17


Poppy cultivations destroyed in border area


Bangladeshs army has been involved in operations to destroy poppy cultivations along the Bangladesh-Burma border since 9 March, said border sources.


As far as I know, the operations are still going on and a number of poppy cultivations were destroyed by the army in recent days, said a villager from Borow Moduck, a village nearby operation.


Several poppy cultivations were destroyed by the Bangladesh Army and two Mro tribal men were arrested in an incident on 13 March, he said.


The areas of poppy cultivation are the upper reaches Singu River in Bangladesh, including the areas of Mraung Gound, War New Chaung, Late Cray Chaung, Yin Bound, Late Chaung, Site Chaung, Thit Poke, where, for many years, local tribal people have been reported to widely cultivate poppy.


The area is very close to Burmas Buthi Daung Township where two Arakanese tribal men also were arrested by Burmas army on 2 March for their involvement in poppy cultivation.


According to reliable sources from those areas, the cultivation of poppy is for the production for raw opium, not for heroin, as the local people do not understand how to make heroin and there are not any modern manufacture for cooking heroin.


Bangladeshs army has yearly operations to destroy poppy cultivations planted by local tribal people in that areas every cool season in the years, he added.#




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