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Dhaka, March 17

Burmese refugees in
Bangladesh anxious after inquiries by Bangladeshi intelligence


Burmese refugees in Bangladesh who are recognized by the UNHCR as urban

refugees are left feeling anxious after inquiries by Bangladeshi intelligence, said a Burmese refugee who is staying at Dhaka, the capital city of Bangladesh.


“In the last two days, two intelligent officers came to my house and asked us several questions but the officers did not reveal why they came to my house”, said the refugee.


The officers came to Burmese refugee’s houses, bringing with them a list of Burmese refugees names, along with the permanent addresses of refugees living in Bangladesh.


The Bangladesh intelligence is not only inquiring about Dhaka residents, Burmese refugees in rural areas of Bangladesh have also been targets, said another Burmese refugee in Cox’s Bazar.


“Yesterday someone who proclaimed himself as a intelligence officer, asked me several questions and he explained to me that he came to my house for the confirmation of my address” he said.


Several Burmese refugees, who are living in the areas of Dhaka, Cox’sbazar, Bandarban, Lama and Alekuntoung, are currently facing the same problem and many refugees are anxious about the questions being asked by the Bangladeshi intelligence officers.


“Our family is really worried about the intelligence questioning because we have never met before such problems in Bangladesh. The intelligence came to my house and asked several questions,” said a Burmese woman refugee in Bandarban district town.


Some refugees have informed the Refugees Counseling Service Unite (RCSU), a NGO related to the UNHCR, about the incident but the officers have not offered any comment, said a refugee.


The reason is still unknown why Bangladeshi intelligence is inquiring on Burmese urban refugees in Bangladesh.


There are nearly 150 Arakanese and Chin refugees from Burma recognized by UNHCR as urban refugees in Bangladesh, living in several places of Bangladesh including Dhaka and southern part of Bangladesh after UNHCR practiced a self sufficient policy on Burmese urban refugees, the refugees said.




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