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6 Burmese Muslims arrested for illegal entry into

Cox's Bazar, March 25

6 Burmese Muslims, known as Rohingya, were arrested by Bangladeshi police while attempting to enter
Bangladesh through a border pass, said a recent police report.

A group of police from Gawzaniyar out post arrested the six near their outpost on 23 March as they are trying to enter
Bangladesh territory.

The group was identified as Nurl Marmouk ( 55), Hussain Armad ( 20),  Nurshaw
Along (24), Nural Asam (30), Abu Kalong (34) and Marmuk Hussain (21) all of whom were from Buthi Daung and
Zmaung Daw Townships in Arakan State, Burma.

Following their arrest, they were sent to Cox’s Bazar jail to await further legal action for illegally entering into

The numbers of Burmese Muslims entering into
Bangladesh has recently increased mostly for business purposes, but both the UNHCR and the government of Bangladesh do not recognize them as refugees, said local teacher in Cox’s Bazar.#


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