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Akyab, March 29


Prisonerís food inadequate in Burmaís jails


Prisoners in the police detention center of Akyab do not receive enough food every day from the police department because of a lack of financial support by the authorities, said a former prisoner who was recently released from Akyab police detention center.


As the food and water in the police detention center is inadequate, the prisoners have to get food and water from outside the jail by offering bribes to the police officers.


"In the police detention center of Akyab there is not enough food and water for prisoners. Therefore we had to get food and water from outside. My family has to give 500 Burmese kyat to police officers for food and 200 kyat for a bath whenever they bring food and water for me," he explained.


The police serve a single plate of food to the prisoners at a time, but the food is not enough for the prisoners. They are only served food two times a day in all the jails of Burma.


"In the Akyab police detention center there are 49 prisoners, along with me, but the police do not bring enough food for us. Sometimes they only brought 19 plates of rice to us," he said.


Most prisoners from the rural areas are suffering the most, in the terrible pain because of the lack of adequate food in the jails, and they do not have relatives in Akyab to make up for it.


Prisoner numbers in the Buthi Daung and Maung Daw police detention centers are quite large and food is always needed for the many prisoners. Some of the police wives often ask for left over food from the police families, for the prisoners, said a prisoner relative from Maungdaw.


According to a police source, there is about 20 Burmese kyat allotted for a prisoner's food per day, an amount that is not even enough to buy an egg. #



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